CoOPERAtive Program

CoOPERAtive Program - 2021

This application closed on Monday March 1, 2021.

coop_w_tagline.jpgJuly 4 - July 24, 2021


For the 2021 season, we will be accepting recorded auditions for all applicants.


Director:  Susan Shiplett Ashbaker

Coordinator of Vocal Studies:  Jay Carter

Student Mentorship Coordinator:  Jordan Schreiner

Art Song Recital Coordinator:  Tory Browers


The CoOPERAtive program provides three weeks of intensive training for the young singer.  The program is presented in cooperation and consultation with professionals in the field to help young singers build and strengthen their artistic toolbox.  We will help build upon existing skill sets, offer new tools for artistic expressivity and help the young singer find their focus in how to learn.  Crucial to the success of the singer is working in consultation with the singer's teacher, who will be called upon to help customize the program specifically for their singers.  CoOPERAtive will assess the strengths of all participants, nurture their talents and assist in their skill development.  Participantd receive private voice lessons, music, language and drama coaching, as well as classes in body work, diction, and drama.  Our focus is on musical style, performance techniques, dramatic presentation, language, diction, and body awareness.  Opportunities will be given to selected participants to serve as mentors to high school students in concurrent programs.

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Young Artists: 3 Videos of contrasting language and style. 1 art song, 1 aria, and a 3rd selection of your choice; Pianists: 3 Videos - One Mozart aria with recitative, one Bel canto aria, one American aria) . It is requested that pianists sing with at least one of their submissions. Number of selections required: 3.

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While we are all hopeful for a fully in-person or hybrid summer, we are anticipating creating a wonderful program no matter what the delivery format. The cost of tuition will remain the same for in-person/hybrid as it has in the past, $2900. If the program is remote, the cost will be $1500. There are scholarship opportunities. A deposit of $750 is due upon acceptance with subsequent payments made on April 1 and May 1. The fee for pianists remains at $1800. Housing is available for an additional fee (see website)
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