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Summer Season 2020 Application

This application closed on Thursday December 12, 2019.

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If currently at college, please give the name of your present course together with starting and finishing dates in the first field. Previous courses together with starting and finishing dates should be included in fields 2 and 3.
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Audition Location

Please indicate which audition location is the most convenient for you Maximum number of selections permitted: 5
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Musical Experience

You should attach to this application a CV in list form with your name at the top detailing both your opera and concert experience.
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Equal Opportunities Monitoring Fields

British Youth Opera is committed to a policy of equality of opportunity and to making this policy properly effective. Selection criteria and procedures are regularly reviewed to ensure that individuals are selected on the basis of their abilities.

To ensure that our equal opportunity policy is effective we carry out monitoring of applicants, and we would like you to answer the questions below. This information is confidential, will be kept completely separate from your application and will be used to compile anonymous statistical information only.
Please tick the ethnic category that best represents you. As you make your decision, please think about what ethnic group means to you, that is, how you see yourself. Your ethnicity is a mixture of culture, religion, skin colour, language and the origins of yourself and your family. It is not the same as nationality. Maximum number of selections permitted: 4
Please give details if your background is not represented in this list or you choose not to use these classifications:
Dependants might include children, the elderly, or other people who rely on you for care.
NB. If your disability means that you require any adjustments to be made in order to participate in our selection process, please give us details with your application so that we can accommodate your needs.
Thank you for providing this information.
Maximum number of selections permitted: 1

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