Bay View Music Festival

2022 Vocal Application

This application closed on Monday March 7, 2022.

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NOTE ON DEADLINES: Depending on whether you are auditioning live or online, deadlines vary slightly. Please check website for official deadline.

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- Three contrasting selections, preferably one in Italian, one in English and a music theater selection from the golden age repertoire. If there is an aria/song from La Bohème or Sound of Music that corresponds with a role in which you are interested, please offer, but do note below.

Note: Female roles in Sound of Music are already cast, however the roles of Captain von Trapp and Rolf in Sound of Music will be cast from these auditions and likely paired with supporting roles in La Bohème. All participants in La Bohème should expect to be cast in supporting and ensemble roles in community/conservatory production of Sound of Music.

Covid Notice: While vaccination is not required for an audition, all participants must be fully vaccinated and/or boosted by 6/1/22 to attend. Auditionees and auditioners will be masked for all live auditions.

SPIRITUALS: If interested in this program, please offer 3 selections chosen from: Spiritual, Art song, Aria or oratorio, MT or popular song.


32 measures or a verse and a chorus from one upbeat song and one ballad. Any genre or time period is fine, but contrasting in selections or style is encouraged. Minimum number of selections permitted: 1. Maximum number of selections permitted: 3
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