Bach-Millennium Music

2024 Auditions for Singers, Conductors and Pianists

This application closed on Friday May 31, 2024.

Applications will be considered based on space availability. 

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For conductors only

Audition Repertoire

For Singers: two contrasting arias in different languages.
For Pianists/coaches: two contrasting arias.
For Conductors: plase answer the questions from the Maestro included in our application and submit a video recording if you have one. Please write N/A in the selection fields as needed. Number of selections required: 2.
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In 2024 we will have Video Auditions only. For SINGERS and PIANISTS uploading videos is REQUIRED. Maximum number of selections permitted: 3

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Would you be interested to reside on campus for the duration of the program? Indicate if you would prefer single ($140/day) or double ($90/day) occupancy room. Final decision on housing availability will be made by SCU in the spring of 2024.

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