Art Song Preservation Society of New York

ASPS's Summer of Art Song Festival 2022

This application closed on Monday June 6, 2022.

In addition to their completed application, singers must submit video samples, a bio and/or resume, and a current headshot.  Also, if you are applying as a duo and interested in bringing your own pianist, if admitted into the masterclass, we would need to know the name of the pianist. If you intend to use our staff pianist, please be aware that there is an additional $25 pianist fee due prior to the masterclass. This year, there are no application fees and singers may apply free of charge for these masterclasses. However there is a $50 participation fee (per masterclass) for anyone admitted into the program. The fee must be paid in advance in order to confirm your slot on the program. Please also note, that the Mark Markham performance duos masterclass in dramatic interpretation is intended for collaborative partners. Duos are given first preference but we will admit soloists as well for this class and can provide a staff pianist for the additional $25 pianist fee.

Applications will be reviewed and singers will be accepted on a rolling basis so apply early to secure a spot. If you have any questions, please contact Blair Boone-Migura at . You can visit our website for more information:

Please contact Blair Boone-Migura at with any questions regarding this application. For technical help, please contact

Personal Information

Singers may apply as a vocal/piano duo or as a solo artist.

Contact Information

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Master Class Repertoire

Singers shall submit (1) art songs composed for voice and piano accompaniment on their applications for presentation in a master class setting. All selections should meet the requirements of the masterclass’ focus or theme (i.e., 1 French song is needed for the French song class, 1 German song is needed for the German song class, etc). Please note that for the “Ravel & Poulenc Song” master class, applicants should plan to submit TWO songs - one song per composer. Singers whose repertoire submissions do not meet the requirements may not be considered for participation. Anyone wishing to submit more files or apply to more classes than the YapTracker system will allow should contact Blair Boone-Migura at Minimum number of selections permitted: 1. Maximum number of selections permitted: 10
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Selection 2
Selection 3
Selection 4
Selection 5
Selection 6
Selection 7
Selection 8
Selection 9
Selection 10


ASPS requires a prescreening recording of at least (1) song selection for the master class application (please indicate on the application which song will serve as your audio submission). If you apply for more than one masterclass, you must submit an audio sample for each of the masterclasses for which you wish to be considered.
Minimum number of selections permitted: 1. Maximum number of selections permitted: 5.
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Resume or Bio

Please include a Bio and/or Resume with your application.
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