Academy of Vocal Arts

The Academy of Vocal Arts (Philadelphia) - Resident Artist 4-Year Tuition-Free Training Program/ Artists Diploma

This application closed on Friday January 13, 2023.




There are three rounds of auditions: the first being the submission of three (3) contrasting arias in three (3) different languages. These videos, along with other requested documents and two (2) professional references are due by January 13, 2023. Of these applications the AVA Faculty will offer an in-person audition/interview in Philadelphia on March 20, 2023. No virtual or video auditions can stand in lieu of the second round of in-person auditions. All singers must come to Philadelphia to audition, without exception.

Then, based on the results of the March 20th round of in-person auditions, a final-round of applicants will be asked to return on Tuesday, March 21st for another day of one-on-one coachings, voice lessons, theory/musicianship/language evaluations and another audition hearing with the full AVA Faculty. 

All applicants will be notified by the end of the business day on February 13, 2023 if they have received an in-person audition. At that point, we suggest that you make your travel arrangements to Philadelphia for your required in-person auditions. We highly recommended that you arrive in Philadelphia on Sunday, March 19, 2023 as your exact audition time will not be assigned until be assigned until March 13, 2023. No audition trading/swapping will be permitted. All travel costs are the responsibility of the applicant, AVA does not cover any travel costs.

AVA will provide a no-cost audition pianist, but you are permitted to bring your own pianist if you choose.

Unfortunately, AVA cannot provide written feedback for any applications/auditions. 

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Please contact Dr. Josh Miller, Dean at with any questions regarding this application. For technical help, please contact

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AVA primarily only accepts singers from 22-28 years old.
The item must show your date of birth. Number of documents required: 1.
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Video Uploads

Varying languages and styles are encouraged, arias from operas are preferred. Please do NOT submit your arias combined into one video file. Three separate files are required. Number of selections required: 3.

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Please list your voice teachers, conductors, coaches, and directors from each school you attended.
For all applicants who consider English to be their second language, or that have not studied at an American college or university for less than four years. TOEFL scores must be between 90-100 or an IELTS score greater than 6.5 are required to apply.
You will provide references from two musical authorities in the opera field, e.g., voice teacher, coach, conductor, director, with whom you have worked regularly. Spouse, relatives, and artistic representatives may not serve as musical authority references. We are truly interested in hearing from individuals who know you, and your work, very well. We are not looking to be impressed by “who” you know.

Please provide each reference with this online recommendation form by clicking Add Recommender below. Click here for the FAQ for how the online recommendation process works. If you need instructions on how to resend a recommendation request, click here.

Some companies choose to only allow the online submission option. That is the case with this programme: you will not be able to upload a pre-written letter. The referee MUST use the online form to submit their recommendation.

Number required: 2. Allowed method(s): Online.

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