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YAP Tracker Features: Patience and Persistence

As our loyal members know, a membership with YAP Tracker gives you access to lots of great features: audition announcements, tracking, expenses, online application submission, calendaring, the iPhone app and much more.  One thing we don't often mention: the time we spend monitoring opportunities that have previously been published. Two opportunities published over the weekend reminded us that deadlines and details often change from season to season (and sometimes with even longer gaps than you'd expect).

The first was a European chamber competition with prizes totaling € 30,000. We've been watching this competition since 2005 and we were excited to see they are holding their first round open to singers in seven years!  The second is a prestigious young artist program holding auditions much earlier this year than in seasons past, with a deadline that is also several months ahead of the standard date.  Both opportunities fall under the 'things don't always happen when you think they will' umbrella, so it confirmed the need for our staff to keep close account of opportunities of interest to our members (just like we think singers should too!).

So if there's an opportunity you are really interested in, keep an eye out for it when it comes around again! It may come earlier than you think.  Don't wait until September to start thinking about Young Artist Program applications: many companies are moving their deadlines to well before the Fall, and if you wait until after your summer season is finished, you may be too late to be considered.  If you've waited to apply for a competition of interest until the last minute and decide it is too late to submit, that competition may not come around again for a long while, so again, get things in early.

And finally, just as they say on the NYC subway, if you see something, say something: while we do our best to ensure that previously posted listings will return with sufficient notice each year (and that new opportunities are always sought, researched and posted), our members are sometimes privy to information before we are; we are always grateful for a quick note to say, "Hey! It's time to post Program X!" or "Competition Y is already accepting applications!" We thank you in advance for the help!

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