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Classic Lyric Arts 2023: ONE WEEK TO APPLY!


Classic Lyric Arts offers three immersive summer training programs for classical singers and collaborative pianists. We instruct, mentor, and support an emerging generation of artists to discover the essence of opera and song through the prism of language, history, and culture.

CLA France: June 6-23
Périgord, France

Discover the beauty and nuance of French opera and mélodie in an artistic and historic region of France.

CLA Berkshires: July 2-July 16
Great Barrington, Massachusetts (US)

Explore the brilliance of Mozart's Italian operatic masterpieces surrounded by the majestic Berkshire mountains.

CLA Italy: July 26-August 14 
Novafeltria, Italy

Master the traditions and techniques of bel canto singing through the music of the Italian language and the culture of Italy.

The Total Training

We strive to inspire and empower the lives and careers of classical singers and pianists to enrich our world through their voices, their talents, and their humanity.

Participants at all programs will receive:

Individual coachings
Language classes
Career mentoring
Ensemble coaching
Poetry Reading
Multiple performance opportunities
Daily ensemble rehearsals
Cultural & linguistic immersion
Collaboration with European and American master instructors

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