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Camerata Bardi International Academy's Audition and Italian Language Bootcamp!


Join the Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy in Italy for a week-long intensive "Audition and Italian Language Bootcamp" designed to enhance vocal skills, language proficiency, and operatic artistry. Prepare for auditions amidst the scenic Maremma region of Tuscany. Showcase your talent at the Morellino 2024 International Festival in Scansano's Teatro Castagnoli. Program tuition includes daily lessons, concerts, full hotel accommodation, meals, guided excursions and food and wine tastings. Experience the richness of Italian culture while refining your craft before a busy audition season!

Working hand in hand with Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy  has definitely marked a before and after in my performance practice and life; It has been that bridge between being a student and being a professional. I have been given multiple opportunities to grow in a safe, nurturing environment and I'm very fortunate to have mentors in the company that push and challenge me to become the artist they know I have the potential to be.


While the world shut down due the pandemic, Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy found a way to keep its masterclasses, programming, rehearsals and mentorship alive. The program provided me with structure that kept me focused on my vocal development, gave me access to experts in the opera field and culminated in a professional level performance in Crete that was fully-staged with orchestra under the baton of an influential and world-renowned conductor. The experience served as an incredible spring board for next steps in my career and I am truly grateful to have been a part of the program.


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