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Apply now for the Bay View Music Festival 2015!

Spend a summer in paradise on Lake Michigan honing your craft on one of four great opportunities for singers! In 2015, Bay View Music Festival will produce fully staged productions with orchestra in original language of La Boheme and the musical Ragtime; a two-week recording, opera aria, and art song intensive in June, and a two week American Negro Spirituals Intensive with Dr. Everett McCorvey in July. 100% of students receive scholarship assistance, and additional financial aid available for minority students chosen for the American Negro Spirituals Intensive. All information at with live and online auditions available through January 2015. Come experience this truly magical part of the country in a unique program.

We accept both live and online auditions and give full consideration to both! Dates include:
Columbus, OH - Sat. Jan. 17 from 1pm
Bloomington, IN - Fri. Jan. 23 from 2pm
New York City - Sat. Jan. 24 from 10am
Ann Arbor, MI - January 31 from 2pm
Lexington, KY- January 31 from 3pm
Cincinnati, OH - January Date TBA

100% of students receive some scholarship assistance, and church gigs may help to defray additional expense.
We highly encourage you to visit for all details.

Here's what past students have said...

- One of my favorite parts about Bay View Music Festival is the community. Apart from the large student artist house and the fellowship that comes with that, the festival is part of a larger community made up of people called "cottagers" (families who spend their summers vacationing in the lovely, quaint homes of Bay View). Our performances throughout the summer are attended by them, many of whom provided scholarship money for us to attend the festival. My favorite people were the front row regulars: to see their faces every time I step on stage was a great comfort. They became an extended family to the students and watched us grow musically throughout the summer. This is something really unique and precious to Bay View Music Festival.
- An incredibly supportive and available faculty!
- An amazing number of opportunities in vocal music, more than we could ever get at our colleges.
- A scenically beautiful, musically enriching place to spend your summer!
- The chance to finally focus on my craft without distractions.
- I had one of the best summers of my life at Bay View; it was full of joy and discoveries, both musical and personal; and I found inner resources that I needed to strengthen myself as an artist.
- If you want a way to make amazing music with amazing people, then this is the place to be.
- Bay View provides a unique and wonderful summer experience that offers fantastic opportunity for artistic and professional growth.

Go to to apply.

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