SongFest High School Vocal Program

SongFest High School Vocal Program Application 2022

This application closed on Wednesday April 1, 2020.

Due to Covid-19 and recommendations from The Colburn School and the SongFest Director this opportunity will not be offered in 2020 but we look forward to seeing you in the summer of 2021!

Please contact Michele Patzakis at with any questions regarding this application. For technical help, please contact

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Education & Training

Number of selections required: 1.
Please answer if you have participated in any other musical training programs.

Audition Requirements

Please submit video recordings of two songs in two different languages. Repertoire may include folk songs, art songs, opera or oratorio arias, or musical theater songs. Recordings should be with piano accompaniment or vocal track. These should be full-body videos and can be recorded on a smart phone, tablet, or personal video recording device with no amplification or cutting/editing. You may upload more than two recordings if you'd like, but two is our minimum requirement. For any questions about audition requirements, please email Jackie Stevens at

Audition Recordings

Maximum number of selections permitted: 4

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Please list the name and contact information for one or two musical references. Letters are not required. References do not need to submit any materials to SongFest. We will contact them if we need.
Minimum number of selections permitted: 1. Maximum number of selections permitted: 2
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Resume & Headshot (Optional)

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Fee Disclosure and Signature

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Payment Details

If paying by check or money order, the $25 payment must be made payable to SongFest and received by the program application deadline. Please send to: SongFest, 6369 Euclid Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45236